Love Will

by Candid Coal People

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Thank you, thank you, thank you... we can't say it enough.


released August 16, 2014

Derick Thompson - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Kick Drum, Tambourine, Violin
Obe Golding - Banjo, Vocals, Floor Cymbal
Braden Neugebauer - Electric Bass, Vocals, Floor Cymbal

Artwork by Lila Boenke

Songs written and composed by Derick Thompson and performed by Candid Coal People.


all rights reserved



Candid Coal People Athens, Georgia

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Track Name: Love Will
Light up the shadows that harbor the ghosts.
Atonement cannot be ignored.
Shaded seed can't blossom in spring.
Relinquish yourself from defeat.

Love will...

When will you see that
The shaded seed can't blossom in spring here?
Relinquish yourself from defeat.

Love will...

Redirect your tendency
To routinely roll with misery.
With all that you see,
You know it's true.

Mother mercy,
Hide me from my
Fear of the creatures
That lurk with the absence of light.
Love will...
(redirect your tendency)
Love will...
(to routinely roll with misery)
Track Name: Lasso
A perfect liar...

You lie to ones you lead.
You've sold me upstream.
You take what you want, and now,
You'll wear your crown in the ground.

Tie (oh) a lasso around your head,
And hang you up until your dead.

Is so convincing.
You twist us around, and how?
You talk so good, we believe.

Tie (oh) a lasso around your head,
And hang you up until your dead.

Roll off your eyes
Like words off the tongue.
You ask why must I speak
On things not so self assuring.
But, won't your God, save the king,
For he will reside as a
Perfect liar...

Tie (oh) a lasso around your head,
And hang you up until your dead.
Track Name: Cicada's Song
Lie your head on my belly,
And let the grass scatch your back
On a summer's day.
She began dreaming.
Her drool runs down my chest
And floods my belly button.

It's so disgusting, but I cringe in love
And listen to cicada's song.

I feel at times it's hard to see the love
But I swear it's there.

Turn the radio on.
Newsman claims a bomb blew up another man.
I can't understand so I shield her ears.
There's no need to compromise a dream
To the sound of blood and war.

I feel it's God's responsibility to see the innocent through.

If all the love that has grown with you
Should crumble and tear
And you kick me in the chest,
Please be sure to won't you
Please won't you be sure to remove your shoes.

I feel as though we're as juxtaposed as you and I will ever be.
Track Name: In a Dream
In a dream, a bird so angry at me said,
"Why have you done this to me?
You've taken my wings, so
How am I to feed
My hungry babies?"

When I awoke,
I couldn't breathe,
But she was only a dream.

In a dream,
My girl was speaking to me
As we were falling asleep.
She said, "I love you.
Do you love me, too?"

When I awoke,
I couldn't breathe,
For she was only a dream.
Track Name: Neapolitan
I heard music playing in the morning.
I heard her laughter ringing in the morning.

So we can stay sleeping.

My worry is swelling... surrounding.
So we will run!
It's better than waiting here to die.
"But, where will we sleep?"

I will sleep by your side.


My yard still burns but not by fire.
But by hope, and possibility,
And by will, and by love,
And by dream, and by choice
And freedom and right

(I will sleep by your side)
Track Name: Ambivalent
I say I loathe that you will be on my mind
For a while.
I love you.

Now I will go on, but I will go alone.
I love you.

This pernicious rage I have acquired
Is far from my desire, but still
I love you.

Your apathetic, calloused heart and
Nonchalant eyes have conquered me.
But still, I remain latched on your leash.

A truth that I loathe to say is all my love
Aims at you.

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